Monday, October 30, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Here's Teddie in a minimalist Halloween costume, ready for beggar's night.

For what it's worth, just noticed that my OMP Portfolio has passed 50,000 views, and almost 1000 click-throughs to my site (now directed to this blog). Thanks to all who stopped by to check out the work.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Just a little something for the season, Sativa in her Star Trek Hottie costume, making a distress call with her communicator. While I'm usually not big on costume shoots, this was a fun little diversion during a session a couple months ago. Beam me up!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Gee, I wonder...

Just noticed that this shot of the vivacious Amie has nearly 4 times as many views as any other picture in my Flickr portfolio. Wonder why that might be? Must be her big, beautiful eyes. ;)

Actually, I think the real reason is that I tagged it "lingerie" while most of my other images don't have tags (the similar image of Amie below was not tagged, and only has a handful of views). I guess I now know how to get hits on Flickr. Not quite sure why I have images there even... maybe I need to cut that back or compartmentalize it a bit. Another thing to add to the endless "to do" list...

In the meantime, I've added the "lingerie" tag to the image below... let's see if that increases its popularity a bit.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why blog?

In response to a request from the online magazine Reconstruction, I wanted to just say a few words about why I maintain this blog. It's pretty simple, really.

Since I seriously returned to photography last fall, I've been creating a lot of images -- headshots, casual, fashion/glamour, art nudes, etc. Generally, the process is to do the shoot, edit images, provide some to the model, post a few on my online portfolios, and hope the model likes them enough to do the same. The idea being to improve and expand my portfolio, and attract more models, more prominent models, and ultimately improve my image and reputation as a photographer. I've been working towards the point where my images can earn me money, either by selling the images, or by charging models to shoot work for their portfolio, or even doing shoots for people who aren't models, but who want "professional quality" images of themselves. Also, there's the potential of being hired for commercial projects. I'm getting to that point, and starting to earn income here and there, but don't have any plans to quit my day job. I've also been working toward the point where images can be exhibited in shows and galleries and have people purchase prints, and took a first step towards that by getting work accepted into The Dirty Show earlier this year. Ultimately, I'd like to do books and submissions to magazines, too, but one step at a time.

So, those are some of the practical aspects of why I'm shooting. But the primary reason is that I just love making beautiful images, and I want to share them with people who appreciate them. I also enjoy telling the story of some images, or just simply praising a model for a particularly productive shoot. I also wanted to keep a journal of my experiences, primarily photography related, but sometimes slipping into personal matters. So blogging is a perfect outlet for that. On the other hand, I'm not entirely comfortable for people who search the web looking for "free nekkid ladies" and I've had some misgivings about being a source for that, which is why I've resisted the temptation to pump up traffic just for the sake of traffic. I currently get a modest but steady amount of visitors, which doesn't seem to spike based on the content of a day's image -- I interpret that as meaning the bulk of my traffic is coming from people interested in the art aspect as much or more than the nudity aspect, but who knows really. But I do see the potential of my blog as a promotional tool, and once I get more commercial product available, then it might make sense to start pushing the blog further into the light.

Now that it's been a few months, I do feel obliged to keep the blog updated a few times each week so as to not disappoint regular readers. Not quite sure why I feel that obligation... I guess like most people, I like a little attention, but in some ways it feels like just keeping up my end of a conversation. So, for you regular readers, and for any first time visitors, welcome, and I look forward to hearing what you think about what I'm presenting here.

The image is Crystallynn. Look for more from our shoot soon.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some things go right!

Well, sometimes, SOMETHING goes right, too. However small.

When I'm at a shoot, instead of a laptop, I use the Epson P-2000 to offload images from my camera's memory cards, so I can re-use the cards during the shoot. Recently it stopped working using battery power and would only work with the AC adapter, which limits its usefulness. Luckily, it happened to break about three weeks BEFORE the warranty ran out, so I sent it back to be repaired.

While I was waiting for its return, I noticed that one of my memory cards was missing and realized that it was still in the P-2000 when I sent it for repairs. So, I made a couple calls to Epson, and managed to talk to a PERSON at the repair place in Indiana, who said she'd look into finding the card. A short while later, I got a call from her saying that YES, they did find the card, and that the unit was ready to be sent back that day! If I'd called the next day, the card probably would have been lost forever.

So, just wanted to report on something going right here, however insignificant. The P-2000 and the card are both back, along with the images that were on the card, including this shot of Angie. I wonder if the repair people looked at the card...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Time out

Well, sometimes nature tells you when to take a break.

The "health problem" I've previously alluded to here is your basic gallbladder trouble, and I met with the surgeon this morning to discuss surgery to remove it. That will be in a couple weeks, and he's saying to expect some near total downtime for a week or so after, and about 6-8 weeks for full recovery to the point where I can resume normal activity such as toting photo gear and doing a shoot. That takes me up to Christmas and New Years-ish, so I'm guessing there won't be any more shooting until January. Maybe he's giving me all the worst-case info, so there's a chance it could be sooner, but I'm not betting on it.

The upside is that it should sideline me for a while so I can catch up on other projects and obligations that will require more time with the mouse and keyboard than the camera. My apologies if this is becoming a repetitive motif of this blog... downtime has been intended for months, but now something has come along to force my hand and make me take a time out.

Blogging will still continue, and there should be a steady flow of images to share. I chose this one of Nurse Beth giving Melissa the treatment... seemed medically appropriate. Maybe if I'm lucky, Nurse Beth will pay me a visit while I'm laid up, too.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Tempting Fate...

Well, I've been feeling good all week, so with some encouragement from Andi (in the form of driving down here and fetching my butt) I'm going to attend Boyd's Halloween group shoot at the Collingwood. Something of an anniversary for me... last year's Halloween event was where I first met a LOT of people who have been so helpful and motivating as I began my pursuit of model photography. Besides meeting Boyd, who has provided a lot of encouragement and inspiration, I also have become part of the circle of models that take part in these events, and are some of my favorite people to work with. I even very briefly met Andi at the event, even though we didn't really connect until a few months later. Talk about fate. For an event I attended more or less on a whim, it sure has had a big impact on my life in the past year. Hope this year's is as much fun and as productive. Light a candle for me.

Above are a couple LensBaby favorites from last year's shoot: Barbie with the Madonna figure, and The Sad Alligator and her splendid body art -- yes, that's tattoo work, not paint.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Changed my mind about a particular blog entry that was posted briefly this morning. Still, that's no reason not to share this shot of the lovely Jody, so here she is.

And welcome to all the visitors clicking here from Dave Levingston's blog. Not even a week in, and it looks like you're already a hit, Dave!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Just to keep things stirred up, here are a couple from my session with the remarkable Kiki... if you look real close in the lower one, you can see rope marks from an earlier shoot she did that day.

Monday, October 16, 2006


For some reason, a few of my shots have been getting a bit of attention over at All Model Zone including a couple of "AMZ Spotlight" images. I don't have much posted there, and to my knowledge haven't had a model contact me from AMZ to do a shoot, but I guess it doesn't hurt to have another free portfolio. At the free level, they don't allow outside links, so I have no way to send AMZ people to this blog, but maybe someone will find their way here. Or, if you feel like it, wander over there.

The shots here are Amber smokin' in the window, Chrystyne with a glare, and Sally in Blue...


I like to try to keep this blog separate from personal matters as much as possible, but I guess I'll need to make an exception here, at least in vague terms. I'm going to need to deal with a health issue here over the next few weeks, which will put a stop to shoots until probably Thanksgiving-ish, and will likely make the blog entries more sporadic, but please don't give up hope. The good news is that there's still lots of stuff "in the works" that I need to edit and introduce to the light of day, so I hope to continue getting caught up on that as schedules and such permit, and I should have plenty of new goodies to share here.

I am hoping to still participate in a small show here in Dayton on the 30th at the Oregon Express, hosted by the remarkable Kidtee Hello, a young photographer who has been getting excellent results and some great exposure for her work, especially among the goth and alt circles. She was kind enough to invite me to bring a few pieces down for the show, so that's pretty high on my list of things to get done.

Also would like to direct your attention to a couple new blogs in my links column over there. My girlfriend/motivator Andi has started a new blog called She Saw Red where she'll recount her adventures in art and photography and VW fetishism, among other subjects. Also, there's a new blog from the guy I like to call "King of the outdoor nude," Dave Levingston. Always a great deal to be learned and enjoyed when interacting with Dave. So, stop by and tell them that Gary sent you.

Almost forgot... the image is the sultry Nikki Sebastian from our shoot a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jackie Showcase

When there's not much to say, I figure I can't go wrong with a batch of photos of the beautiful Jackie. The first one in the bottom row got an OMP Showcase on her portfolio... thanks for being such an outstanding model Jackie. :)

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan..."

Still feeling rather "out of it" so probably not the best state of mind in which to blog. The title refers to one of the more famous examples of semi-conscious writing which you can read here if you so desire. Compare and contrast with Ozymandius and have your essays on my desk by Monday morning. Or just take a gander at Angie from a recent shoot.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Makes getting clean as much fun as getting dirty

Have gotten a lot of positive response on MySpace with this shot, so I thought I'd share it here. This is Michelle and Sleep to Dream having some good clean fun.

On edit: For the record, that is a real bubble I'm shooting through... took a few attempts to get a nice big one and the right expressions on the models, but it was worth it!

Blog lag...

Hey folks, sorry for the blog lag of late. Had company in this weekend, and have been brought down by some stomach ailment or another. Hoping that it's just food poisoning and not something more serious. Wish me luck.

Here's KC in a hotel room months ago...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Here's another recent attempt at pin-up photography featuring Michele, who has posed for me twice now. She works with a small circle of other photographers, but still claims *not* to be a model. I guess because she does it strictly for fun and to get pictures for herself, rather than aspiring to become a working model, trekking all over the place for shoots with strangers. And besides being loads of fun, she is also a helluva a good photographer herself, although she's very humble about it. Her self-portraits are really outstanding, and she has a great eye for shapes and color in city scenes and still life work. Her day job is graphic design, and she really brings that sensibility to her photography. She's also a Polaroid fetishist, with a big collection of thrift store finds. You can check out her work behind the camera and in front of the camera right here. ;) Thanks for another fun shoot, Michele!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fashionably late...

In an entry from the other day, Don over at Hotel Room Nudes makes a good point that I'd been considering blogging about myself. (Sorry to crib your topic, just beat me to it, again.) He discusses how properly photographing models in clothing raises a fair number of problems and questions for the photographer. I left a comment there that sort of sums up my feelings on the topic, so I thought I'd just expand upon it here. ("Never write what you can cut and paste.")

Besides the problem of presenting the clothing exactly right, if a model wears an outfit in a shoot with me, then wears it in a shoot with another photographer, it can be awkward. Like two women wearing the same dress to a party. (Seen here is Rose and our attempt at 80s retro... you tell me if we succeeded or not.)

But with nudes, everyone wins. And you don't have to worry about the model wearing "last year's fashions" or I've even seen shoots where the model wears the clothing wrong. (I even did one... the model mistook a high-waisted skirt for a dress cut insanely high on the legs. It actually sort of worked though...) And if you're selling prints, unless there's something else spectacular going on in the shot, a person isn't likely to buy a shot of a non-celebrity model wearing some outfit. A good nude is timeless and universal... and that's what makes it art rather than commerce, while paradoxically giving the image greater potential to sell. (This is one of my favorite works of art, Jackie... more from that shoot coming soon.)

Now this isn't to say that I will be shooting strictly nudes... but when nudes are not an option, I tend towards glamour over fashion. Personally, I define the difference as being that fashion shots are about the wardrobe, while glamour is about the model. Also, I realize that fashion photography requires a real dedication to knowing the latest trends and almost requires a team of wardrobe, hair and make-up people, and that's just not practical for me at this point in Dayton, OH. So when models ask me about outfits to bring, I always tend towards classics, like jeans and t-shirts, little black dresses, lingerie, or even formal wear. To illustrate, the angsty Rose returns wearing a classic lace top... it could have been shot in 1920, 1960 or 2006, at least as far as wardrobe is concerned. But it would have been even better without the Victoria's Secret bra. ;)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Art and Soul

Actually sold a photo off the little store a while back, but somehow I missed the Paypal message. Last week, the buyer contacted me wondering where his print was, and it turns out he lives just a few miles from me, so I offered to just drop the print off to him. Last night he called to say he'd be around, so I went over with a few of my prints in hand.

Walked into his house and was absolutely floored. Very cool 40s or 50s ranch style home, but the thing that really set me back on my heels was the art. Wow. It was EVERYWHERE, and it was beautiful and it was real. Walls covered floor to ceiling with dozens of paintings spaced a couple inches apart. Antiques and sculptures and vintage furniture. I'd only ever seen that kind of home in magazine or movies. In addition to the art, he also has nifty collections of old cameras and other artifacts.

He's also collecting photography, and he showed me some amazing stuff he happened on from an estate sale, and other pieces he's acquired. It looks like what he showed me just skimmed the surface, too.

And he bought three of my photos.

I'm part of that kind of collection. I have to say it's a real honor. I won't mention his name because if I was him, I wouldn't want someone else telling the world about the fabulous and valuable art collection in my house. It's not like he's independently wealthy or anything, it's just that he's been spending the last ten years or so buying low, selling high, buying by the pile, selling by the piece, and always trading up. What was going to be a quick drop-off turned into about an hour's conversation and it was really very educational and enjoyable for me. He's a really nice guy and very generous with his knowledge and experience and even offered to let me borrow some items for photo props (including his cat!) and to connect me with another friend of his who has a stockpile of great potential props. I must also thank his lovely and charming wife for her hospitality and patience. I'm looking forward to a return visit sometime and really feel fortunate to have made another great contact through my photography. Thanks again!

The image is another of Alicia... not related to the entry, but worth sharing.