Friday, June 29, 2007

Skin City

Slight change in plans has made a window to do a quick update. The "Skin Art" show last night was a good time... not much for sales, though. (I'm learning that at shows in clubs, people generally only bring enough money for drinking, not for buying photos, plus they don't want to have to carry things around with them.) Was pretty good for networking though. Met several potential models, saw a few of my photographer friends from around town, and finally met the elusive Martin Class, but couldn't have much of a chat with him because the band playing at the moment was just a bit too overpowering. So, thanks to Lucky and Bill for staging the event and inviting me to join the fun.

Nice surprise when I checked my computer afterwards... two shots had showcased on model portfolios. London Andrews with Danaid, and another of Vassanta (aka Kristina). Thank you ladies! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

She's a natural...

Just a quick update as I probably won't be able to do an entry this weekend. Have the "Skin Art" show tonight, the "Dark Visions" closing tomorrow, and possibly the "Club Shadow" event Friday. If you can make it out, please stop by and say "hi." Then the illustrious Collingwood Group Shoot on Saturday which is slated to include a lot of old friends and new faces and should be great fun. Maybe even a bonus session on Sunday, so a busy weekend to be sure. They all seem to be busy lately, and I can't believe the year is nearly half over.

There's still time to let me know what is your favorite picture from my blog, and just for telling me, you might receive a free print of your favorite image. Click the link for details, but I need to hear from you by July 1st.

A couple more from the stellar Danaid...she's a natural in more ways than one. The top one is from one of our more recent shoots and landed her a showcase on her OMP. The second one is from our try at some outdoor nude work, hope to get another opportunity soon. I managed to slip and fall on some wet mud and leaves just before this, but saved the camera. People as clumsy as me should not be allowed outdoors, or in cramped antique stores either for that matter. Anyway, I've said it before, but Danaid is simply a wonderful model and an entirely charming young lady. Still gaining experience, she has excellent instincts and poise, and is going to keep doing great work. I'm looking forward to the next time, and the next time...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"It's a gas gas gas..."

Well, the other night, I finally got my obligatory gas mask shot... seems de rigeur that if a photographer is going to do any fetish work or shoot with alt models that one must have a gas mask image. ("De rigeur" is French for "not quite a cliché.") Well, maybe it is a bit cliché, but how can one pass up a $10 gas mask? I've been saving it for the right model, who I should have known would be the ever-popular Sativa. Besides being a tremendous model, she is an absolute "gas" to shoot and hang out with. We have a few others from this part of the shoot that I feel are pretty interesting. More eventually.

Coincidentally, there's a gas mask image (or some sort of mask) on the promotion for another event this weekend (further evidence for my theory that every month has ONE weekend where everything has to happen at the same time), called "Shadows in the Night" which will begin almost immediately after the end of the "Dark Visions" exhibit closing reception this Friday in Toledo. Going to try to shuttle over there after the reception and put up a few pieces for what is likely to be an entirely different crowd. Featured will be fetish performances by the elusive Miss May so it looks like not much sleep before the group shoot Saturday. All in the name of art, I assure you.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Kinky Boots

Couple of favorites from the last group shoot in Toledo. Taking the lesson to heart that when you show a model in heels, make sure you can see the heels... not quite sure how this model wants to be credited, so for now, we'll just leave her name out of it.

Was working on some other shots tonight when my computer farted and I lost something like 90 minutes worth of work (long story)... wish I could find ONE solution to my editing needs. Need to take a closer look at Lightroom, I guess, as it's earning rave reviews.

Don't forget, show in Dayton Thursday night, another (possibly TWO) in Toledo Friday night. Click the pix under "Exhibits" at right for details.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Double take

Here's a picture I took of Amanda over a year ago. The poorly scanned image on the right is from the new issue of Blender. The similarity caught my eye... very similar setting, lighting, angle, with both subjects caught in a sort of "standing still in mid-air" instant. The reflexive thought was that maybe someone had seen my shot and liked the idea. But giving it some actual thought, I realized that the world is filled with old sloppily rehabbed buildings with rough walls and concrete floors (although mine was shiny) and those buildings have big windows that would light a subject in a similar way, and the frozen jump pose is certainly nothing new, as discussed previously. So, another instance of parallel development...

It's funny... Amanda never really liked this shot, but I love it, and it gets a lot of comments and compliments. So, another instance of the model and photographer not always agreeing on which shots are best...

Chance steps in

I'd started an entry a couple days ago, but somewhere, a computer farted, and the draft was wiped out. So, I considered re-writing it, but realized it was probably the kind of navel-gazing that wouldn't be of much general interest, so I'll just let it slip away into the æther.

Ah, that feels pretty good.

This is Ehme, who also seems to have slipped off into the æther. I should track her down when I have a spare two minutes to rub together.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One Year!

Hey! Why is Sativa jumping for joy? Well, today's the one year anniversary of this here blog thinger! And they said it wouldn't last... hell, I said it wouldn't last, but here it stands. Over 270 posts, so 5 or 6 a week on average. Some have basically been just pictures, a lot have been more verbose, and I hope some of what I've written has been interesting or entertaining for you. It's certainly been educational for me, and I believe I made some new friends and maybe a few fans along the way...

So, to mark the occasion, and since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, I'm giving one lucky blog reader a print of their choice! To be considered, all you have to do is tell me which image from the blog you like best. You can leave a comment on this entry (let me know if you don't want the comment public), or send a message to garymphoto (at) gmail (dot) com -- please refer to the date/title of the blog entry that features the image you like best, or just attach a copy of the image to your e-mail. I need to hear from you by July 1, 2007. From all the submissions, I'll choose one at random and that person will receive a signed 8"x12" (approximately) proof print of their chosen image. I'll pick one by July 4 and request mailing information at that time, so no need to include your mailing address with your submission. Offer void where prohibited, or where viewing this blog is prohibited, and by submitting you certify that you are of legal age in your jurisdiction to view adult material. No purchase necessary, batteries not included, etc. And please, no wagering.

So thanks to everyone who has been reading the blog (even those who just look at the pictures), and special thanks to those of you who have taken the time to post a comment or two along the way. Always great to hear from you, and I hope you'll stick around as I embark upon year two of I&E. Extra special thanks to Andi, Iris, Boyd, BT, Heather, and all the models for making it all possible!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Vision Fading...

Twas just decided that there will be a Closing Reception Party kind of thing for the "Dark Visions" exhibit at the Collingwood on Friday, June 29. So, those of you who are kicking yourselves for missing the opening "gala" will have a second chance to see the show and rub elbows with the photographers. If you can't make the party, the show remains open for the next two weeks during the Collingwood's wildly convenient office hours (10am-5pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 10am-2pm Tuesday & Thursday) or by appointment (419-244-2787). Hope to see you the 29th!

Another lost weekend...

Well, here it is, another Monday, and I sit here wondering what became of the weekend. Of course, I know, but it just seemed to zip by so fast. Basically did editing, editing, and some more editing, catching up on some more pressing matters, but by no means caught up. Managed to spend time with the old man for Father's Day, which of course involved troubleshooting his computer... which turned into a pretty major upgrade project that will have to be concluded tonight.

Had a shoot scheduled for early Sunday, which was postponed by the model, but it did give me a chance to test drive the upgraded air conditioning in the studio. Went in Saturday night and switched on the units, and then went back about 11 on Sunday and the place was bearable, so that's good news for me and future models, bad news for global warming. Due to apparent necessity, the new unit and its vent were installed in the middle of the studio's long "window wall," further spoiling the vintage warehouse integrity of that part of the studio. If I want that, I'll need to venture out of the space, I guess.

Here are a couple of Raelyn, formerly Eilispidh, from a recent group shoot up north...some of this weekend's editing.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Think too much...

Had the privilege of shooting with Carlotta again yesterday, but I have to admit I was a little bit off my game, largely because of the heat in the studio, and just so much other stuff going on cluttering my thinking. In hindsite, I realize a number of things I should have done differently and opportunities missed. While we got a lot of images I'm very happy with, I can't help but feel if I'd had my act together, it could have been a much more productive shoot. Thanks to Carlotta for doing a great job and for being patient and putting up with the heat. (This should motivate me to get set up in my basement space for studio work, especially as I continue to learn just how many top-flight photographers are working in their dining room or spare bedroom.) Thanks also to Danaid for stopping by for a bit as well. Love the tan and the new hairstyle. ;) The shot here is from my first session with Carlotta, which showcased yesterday.

Also honored yesterday by OMP was this shot of Alexis. Our last shoot was the type of highly-productive outing that I wish I'd managed with Carlotta last night. Alexis and I did quite a few different set-ups and styles. Of course, there wasn't the heat problem to contend with, and we shot a while longer, but I think it was also that I went into it with a less cluttered frame of mind (and definitely put less pressure on myself). Maybe Andi's right... I do think too much sometimes... funny how I can think so much about something without managing to end up with an actual plan. Next time for sure. Better start thinking...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Adventures in the skin trade..."

One night only, June 28, mark your calendars... I've been invited to be part of a show called "Skin Art" if you couldn't tell by the poster art here. Other photographers/artists slated to appear include: Dave Levingston, Kidtee Hello, Dark Mannequin, Simeon Oyeyemi, and Stillborn Photography. In addition, there will be some tattoo artists/piercers, plus four bands and a few other surprises.

I guess Dave and I are included because there's a lot of skin in our art... the others tend to work a little more towards the dark/goth side of things with piercings and tattoos -- although I'm no stranger to that territory -- so there should be something for everybody and every body. I'll have a few framed pieces there, as well as a selection of matted prints, and possibly even some loose prints at affordable prices. So, if you're in the Dayton area, stop by The Pearl (formerly the Dayton Diner) the evening of the 28th and be sure to bring your skin.


Just a few past favorites I thought I'd revisit... clockwise from top left are Alicia, Maddy Raye, and Megan.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Roses

A couple gems from the ever-popular Rose. Been too long already since we shot... miss her quick wit and beautiful... everything.

By the way, anyone reading this, or just looking at pictures? A comment or two would be much appreciated...

Happy Accidents

Sometimes cool stuff happens that I could never plan for. The shot I had framed was pretty nice, but the subject moved and the exposure turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be, and then there's the green...

Speaking of accidents, I added The Accidental Pornographer to the links over there. She does some mighty cool stuff, so check her out. Thanks to James for the tip.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Darkness Visible

A couple weeks ago, I did an entry in praise of the simplicity of a nude figure in a striking pose on a simple light background. I'm also a fan of the inverse of that, with the figure surrounded by or emerging from darkness. Sometimes, the more black "negative space" in an image, the more impact it has on me, oddly enough. One of the pieces I have in the Dark Visions show is called "Eclipse" and is just a slice of light on the model's side. (After the show closes, I'll post it here, but why wait? Stop by and see the exhibit!) Here's Alexis and Kristina, the two latest OMP showcases, which futher confirms that there are still plenty of fans of this dramatic, if traditional, technique.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A certain something...

Sometimes, a photograph will have a certain je ne sais quoi about it that just appeals to me. Sometimes they're even photos that I've taken. Here are three from my recent shoot with Alexis that fit the bill.

Oh, and all you new visitors -- please take a minute to comment and let me know what you think. Even if you're just here for the boobs.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rear of the Year

Yes, yet another contest. This time it's the shapely Kirsten competing in the "Rear of the Year" contest with a picture from our sweltering shoot last summer. You can see more from that shoot here if you like, but please take a minute and vote for Kirsten (#17). Like so many of these contests, you have to register to vote, but you can vote once a day through the 14th. Sadly, the shot had to be censored because so many people in Ohio can't handle a bare butt, so Kirsten drew a fake thong on the shot... not something I normally approve of people doing to my images. I would have preferred to do myself at least, but as these things usually go, she did her entry at the last minute and didn't have time to ask me to paint something on her...

And a reminder, yes, it was that damn hot and she is sweating her ass off. I was too. We've had a break the past couple days, but it's been close to 90 degrees in early JUNE for crying out loud. I can't imagine what it's going to be like in August, especially in that hotbox of a studio. Might be a good time to find some cool streams and creeks to shoot in. Or the frozen food section at Kroger.

Time for Sarah

For no particular reason, here are a few from my most recent shoot with Sarah Ellis. With a model this beautiful, who needs a reason to post images?

Also, found a fun bit of notoriety online... I entered May's photo contest, and while winners have not been announced, they did choose one of my shots for the little 3-image animated thumbnail for the "Bubbles" theme. Nerve also used a shot I did of Sarah Ellis from the "Flip Flops" theme in an online ad for the site. Of course, no credit on either, no payment... but still nice to be chosen. And maybe I'll win a prize in the contest. Keep your fingers crossed!

Parallel Development Week

Yet another entry in the "parallel development" category. Saw some shots by another photographer who's recently been playing around with fishing line tied tightly around a model. The two shots here are from my February session with Candy, when we experimented for a little while with what I'd called "microbondage" at the time. She wasn't too keen on the "lumpy" effect it had on her flesh, and it definitely leaves marks on the skin almost immediately, so since I wanted to do more with her, but didn't have time to wait for lines to fade, we moved on. Still have the fishing line in my bag, and have been meaning to revisit the idea, but we'll see. And again, while I'd done these shots a while ago, I haven't really shown them to anyone before, so I'm just pointing out how some common objects have self-evident potential as photo props.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blue Moon

On June 30th, we'll have a "Blue Moon" meaning the second full moon within a single month. The old expression "once in a blue moon" means something happens rarely, but it actually works out to once every 11 months, more or less. The new shot over on Iris' blog reminded me of this shot I did of Mandy and Abigail last fall. Some photographers would get bent out of shape at the similarity, but it just tells me that it's a pretty self-evident idea when you're lucky enough to have more than one model to work with. Jim and the ladies did a nice job with the idea, adding a little sand texture to boot.

Coincidentally (I think) Mandy e-mailed me this morning commenting on the shot above and expressed an interest in setting up another shoot when time and travel will permit. Talk about once in a blue moon...

By the way here's another shot from the same session with Mandy and Abigail -- both amazing models. I still have some shots from this session awaiting editing. Maybe I'll find some extra hours in June somehow -- the 21st is the longest day of the year after all.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Thanks to those who turned out for the opening weekend of the "Dark Visions" exhibit, and thanks to Boyd for organizing it all. A lot of outstanding work from the contributing artists, it was good to have my work hanging alongside theirs. The show will be up until June 30 and is open to the public during the Collingwood's regular business hours, as well as during other events at the center, and by appointment. There's even talk of possibly having a "closing" reception, so I'll keep you all posted.

Saw an image in the show that reminded me of this one I did a while back as a contender for the Protest issue of Boyd's excursion into the literary magazine world. Deemed just a bit too explicit for that magazine, this shot has been in storage. Seemed like the time to dig it out and present it. I liked how the twisted wire of the model's cross echoed the twisted wire of a hanger, which led to this image. Came up with a variety of titles, including "IUDs" but think that "Twisted" just seems to sum it up.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Haven't posted many shots of this Sarah, who used to be in the Detroit area, but has since moved to the Carolina coast. Without knowing it, she was a real motivator for me when I was getting serious with the figure work... I wanted to improve to the point of doing her justice if I got the chance to work with her. Met her at a rather odd group shoot she helped arrange, but did get the chance to do several studio and location shoots with her, and I think I've come close to doing her justice a few times. It's always sad when a favorite model moves out of the area, but that makes room for someone new. Plus, she still has family in the Detroit area, so there's always the chance that we can set up something on a visit home someday. Thanks again, Sarah, for everything. :)