Saturday, December 29, 2007

Table manners

Today's group shoot was a lot of fun overall, with a few somewhat expected no-shows in the mix. It's almost necessary to overbook simply because car trouble, bad weather, finances, personal problems or whatever invariably result in what I would guess to be a 20% late cancel/no-show rate. It's understandable, since nobody's getting paid to take part, but still disappointing when someone you were looking forward to working with can't make it. NEVERTHELESS, I was able to work with six wonderful models, a couple new faces and several returning favorites including Miss Kittie (above) and Dreamscapes (below) -- these shots were from warmer days, but sort of two different perspectives on a favorite table in a favorite window. (Someone suggested to Dreamscapes that this shot would maka good billboard for a furniture company. Interested parties can contact me via the blog.) Look forward to seeing shots from today here soon.

After the shoot, about 25 or 30 models and photographers and such ascended on a local bar/restaurant where we were wisely sequestered from the rest of the clientele...

Tomorrow, I'm doing something of an impromptu shoot with a young lady I met at a wedding I helped Andi shoot a few months ago... trying to recall if I mentioned the wedding here before, but it was one of the nicest weddings I can recall attending, and the reception was a blast. But I digress... besides being tall and beautiful, she really struck me as someone with a strong presence, wit, and charm. She's not really modeled much before, but I'm confident that she'll do great in front of the camera, and I just hope I can manage to capture some of her spirit in our images. Been a while since I've looked forward to a non-nude shoot this much. Stay tuned for her, too.

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