Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Welcome Teddie Fans

I've noticed lately that I get a small, but steady, amount of traffic from Teddie's portfolio page on ModelMayhem. She cleverly uses a link to all the posts tagged with her name, and lets visitors to her portfolio know they can see more of her shots and read all the nice things I have to say about her. A good way to expand beyond the 20 images they allow there... I'll continue saying nice things about her, except she's a little too far away. Just before her graduation, we'd made plans to schedule a shoot, even scouted out an interesting location, but between her finals and working and my schedule, we just never managed to find a time before she left. So, I'm hoping she'll find a reason to pay a visit down here, or maybe I'll finally make my long-promised Chicago junket a reality. Meanwhile, here's a few more shots of her to help melt the chill of winter.

1 comment:

d.l. wood said...

I like the top left little image with her hand up and a great smile. I like to see some fun in a nude shoot. So many are sooo serious.